ADSS Global: A Reseller’s Dream

Payment Solutions may abound, but Paya’s ease of use and low cost of ownership sets it apart and helps a high school drive efficiency

ADSS Global has been helping companies of all sizes — small business organizations to large publicly-held companies – and in many different industries succeed since 1981. As a Sage reseller, ADSS Global is focused on providing systems that enable clients to leverage their investment in technology in order to enhance long-term value and maintain a strong competitive advantage so that they can thrive in today’s digital economy.

“As a Value Added Reseller, or VAR, we have numerous advantages that firms can leverage to their benefit,” said Peter Kaufman, president of ADSS Global. “Our diverse and highly knowledgeable staff of CPA’s, network engineers, project managers and developers all work together in a team approach, giving us exposure to virtually every ERP, CRM, HRMS and ecommerce solution available – and then some. Our job is to be experts in business support systems so that our customers can focus on what they do best.”

Payment solution providers that are highly adaptive and enable customers to fully integrate payment data, efficiently and securely, become difference makers for businesses. Integrating payment processing with business applications so that companies can integrate accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and other business applications with payments processing, can dramatically improve a company’s productivity by saving time and money, reducing errors and get a better view of the business’ operation.

“As one of Sage’s largest, most comprehensive and experienced business partners in the world, we come in contact with pretty much every payment solution out there,” said Kaufman. “Our focus is to help our customers be as successful as possible by helping to make their business information work as effectively as possible; part of that job is to identify and source the best payment solutions.”

The Issue

The right payment solution system can make a business owner’s life much easier and, in many cases, save both time and money. Being able to access a company’s back office from anywhere or being able to keep track of inventory digitally instead of manually on a clipboard, should no longer be considered a “nice to have,” but rather the norm in high quality point of sale (POS) system.

“It is important businesses choose the right POS system and flexibility is key,” Kaufman explains. “Ensuring that your payment solution platform works with your back-office systems – or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software — is crucial to controlling cost. It will help streamline the sales process, ensure payments are made quickly and securely, and can also make a small business appear more professional and legitimate, which is particularly important for business’s just starting out.”

The Solution: Paya

ADSS Global recommended Paya to their client, Southwest Community Church, a private high school. “Our client wanted to enable their parents to pay tuitions online. We were already working with them with Sage’s 300 ERP software. When our contact indicated that they needed to move away from their current payment process which involved manual checks and credit card number written on forms, Paya was the logical choice,” said Kaufman.

Southwest Community Church had recently upgraded their customer portal so that it would integrate directly into their accounts receivable, but the payment solution still needed to be added. “Integration was the initial prerequisite for the payment solution and while there were several companies out there that could have satisfied that requirement, it was critical that we find the most cost-effective solution,” Kaufman continued. “Paya is all of that and can be up and running quickly, so we immediately moved forward.”


Within two weeks the school was up and running with a complete revamp of its entire payment process, including the design and launch of a new web portal. “As a reseller, our number one goal is to match our customer’s challenges with the best solution. After that, we consider which provider is best to work with. Paya is a reseller’s dream. Their installation is virtually automatic. We simply request an access code, make a phone call and everything gets done.”

With the right integrated payment processing solution, organizations of all sizes can achieve:

  • Saved time and reduced errors with less time spent on redundant data entry and credit card verification and reconciliation.
  • Higher profits: re-allocate time spent on re-entering data or re-verifying credit card information to more important tasks.
  • More financial visibility and control: when payment processing information is integrated with accounting or another business solution, it’s automatically recorded in that solution, providing better visibility and the capability to create more up-to-date and accurate reports.
  • Improved cash flow: By closely monitoring payments, companies can reduce days’ sales outstanding (DSO), and speed up the process to post receivables and improve cash flow.

“For our customers, Paya creates a very compelling case. With no upfront or recurring software cost, seamless integration with Sage’s 300 ERP, cost savings for credit card processing, the ability to get up and running very quickly, and its ease of use, we have not found anyone else in the market that can compete,” Kaufman concluded. “The overall cost of ownership – direct and indirect — is absolutely the biggest differentiator for Paya.”