Introducing Paya! Payments Just Got Easier.

Introducing Paya

Hi! We are Paya. While our brand is new, our team and solutions are industry-tested. We invite you to take a closer look at who we are, and where we want to go.
Paya is an integrated payment solutions provider, with the key focus on being integrated. Our services combine real-time business intelligence and industry-specific insight into an integrated commerce platform that works seamlessly, on any device. We’re integrated not only within a variety of multi-channel software options, but integrated within your business, offering payments systems to match your style and your business priorities. We integrate to you.

Simple. Secure.

We thrive in a constantly changing payments space, and constantly incorporate the latest technology and industry trends into our business solutions model. This is why, at Paya, we’re passionate about providing integrated payment solutions for those who also want to thrive in this payments landscape.

While most businesses understand that commerce is evolving and moving towards electronic payments processing, choosing the right payments processor can still be an intimidating process. Paya’s purpose-built platform is adaptable and future-driven, eliminating the need for you to change payment systems or providers in order to access the latest technology. Rather than having to pivot with every payments industry change – make one last decision. Choose a business and payment solutions provider to navigate the industry for you.

While the Paya brand is new, we bring almost 20 years of full-service payments experience to our brand launch. Our long history of payments and portfolio management as part of Sage Payment Solutions, dates back to 1989. We are leveraging this rich payments experience into our new Paya brand and are excited to share the Paya mission with you.

“We are standing on our own two feet now! We are essentially a well-funded startup but with 20 years of industry experience. This is exactly what a partner or business needs in this environment – the right mix of customer-centric strategy and leaders that have been successful in the past bringing this strategy into practice. Due to our smaller operational size vs. Sage, everyone at Paya is involved in every aspect of the company. Collectively, we want to exceed industry goals. This passion and enthusiasm are what makes us Paya.” – Suzanne Hawes, Chief Human Resources Officer

Relationships You Can Rely On.

With a new, fresh and vibrant brand name, and our commitment to be recognized as an industry leader, we are bringing our passion to the payments landscape. Weaving together a powerful mix of employee backgrounds and industry perspectives, we are ready to work within the dynamic payments ecosystem as a trusted partner, providing exceptional business solutions and customer experiences, and asking the tough questions. Is there efficiency? Is our solution intuitive? Does it save money? We hold ourselves to high team standards internally as well, making sure our Paya team chemistry reflects our commitment to delivering value and growth for our partners and their customers, both today and tomorrow.

“Everyone at Paya knows what it is like to be a business owner. Let’s say for example you bake bread. You did not go into bread baking to work with credit card transactions. You have enormous challenges in your day-to-day work – distribution, payroll – everything to make your business run smoothly. On top of all of this, you also have to get paid! You need someone you can trust, that can help your business run efficiently, bringing business insight behind the scenes, without you doing a lot of extra work. This is what we offer and what you should expect from a successful, embedded solutions provider. So, let’s say you bake bread…. Keep on baking bread! We’ll take care of the rest.” – Chris Scappa, SVP Operations

Additionally, our support is “always on,” so you can rely on real-time answers from an expert, whenever you need them. No scrolling through documentation. No waiting for answers on forums. Whether it’s an ERP solution, CRM, or any feature that manages your business, Paya can be in the background, transparent, but omnipresent and reliable.  We don’t create or envision our products as stand-alone, separate solutions, but rather as an extension of your own business system. Unlike other solutions that offer a complex and fragmented set of technologies, Paya delivers a purpose-built commerce platform that is cohesive and seamless.

Committed to You

Your customers have expectations. Expectations that are continually evolving because of rapidly changing technology. It means you have to revisit or even redefine the products and services they use. Because what meets their needs today may not in the future. There’s a lot to consider. A lot to manage. Which makes it all the more challenging. You want a partner who understands where you are now and where you plan to go. A partner who provides solutions you need today, while recommending those you’ll need tomorrow. A partner who reduces complexity and delivers simplicity, is open and flexible, protects your interests not theirs, and makes your life easier.

At Paya we’re problem solvers, adapters, and innovators. We’ve been there as the market has changed, and will continue to be there as it evolves. We design and build products that move and manage your money with safety and security always in mind, creating experiences that enable your business to be successful. We seamlessly connect the back office to the front office to create one office. At Paya we believe your success is our success. We help you run your business smarter, so you can run your business better. So, for all our bread bakers out there – At Paya when you are working, we are working!